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Yetekelekele Part 151 - የተከለከለ ክፍል 151.
Watch episode 151 of the Kana TV drama Yetekelekele Overview: Adnan was a young man with a wife who had died eleven years earlier, and he left behind two young children. He dedicated his life to the care and education of his nephew Behlul, who lost his family in a car accident a few years before him. Surrounded by all these responsibilities, Adnan thought he wouldn't fall in love again until he met the young and beautiful Bihter. Bihter also came from a well-known family with a tragic background: her father suffered a massive heart attack when he learned that his wife Firdevs had cheated on him. After his death, the family went through great financial hardship, and Bihter's hatred of her mother grew. Bihter discovered that Firdevs was mainly interested in Adnan because of his wealth and found the perfect opportunity to take revenge. Bihter moved into Adnan's house and he proposed to her, and they decided to get married, and a new era began for everyone. The wedding took place on the first day of the New Year, the day after Firdevs died and her son was born. Adnan's nephew Behlul was a notorious playboy, and he didn't like Bihter either, but he didn't like her either. He liked her because he was once engaged to her sister and had been unfaithful to her. He did, however, draw her to him and they gradually got closer and tried everything to prevent Adnan from continuing her marriage to another family. But he fought against them, against marriage and the family, and also against his own family. At first, he denied his growing feelings, but each of his movements sparked a passion in her and soon he was deeply in love with her. When Behlul announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Bihter turned to him, who also struggled with his emotions as he tried to resist the attraction. When he confessed his love to her, she realized the full force of her feelings as 'Forbidden Love' began to blossom. He had to flee on the day of the wedding, however, and when she wanted to marry Adnan. This hidden love relationship developed with great fluctuations of emotions, for better or for worse, between the two men and their respective wives and children. When Firdevs realizes the attraction between Behlul and Bihter, he warns him that he must lead his marriage to preserve his wealth and makes a plan to separate them. Besir accompanies the lovers and films each of their tasks throughout the relationship. From beginning to end, there is a constant tension between the two men and their wives, as well as between their children. When Firdevs realizes that Nihal is attracted to Behlul, he encourages the girl with romantic ideas. A powerful enemy of the family decides to torment Adnan by telling him that his young wife is having an affair with his nephew. Knowing the truth behind the accusation, the enemy sows the seeds of doubt and finally they talk of forcing him to propose to her. In the end, Adnan remains in constant doubt about the relationship between Bihter and Behlul and life becomes even more complicated for the lovers. She is pregnant and discovers that he is the father, but now he suspects her feelings for him and he understands her hatred of her mother. This drama was dubbed to Amharic by Kana TV and it's brought to you by MelaCinema. MelaCinema is the ultimate source of Kana TV Dramas, Ethiopian music, Amharic movies, comedy videos, and much more entertainment contents. Like our Facebook page to get a whole lot of engaging entertainment posts.

Kana Dramas Yetekelekele
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