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Ezel Part 113 - ኢዜል ክፍል 113
Watch episode 113 of the Kana TV drama 'Ezel'. Overview: Omer could be a young man, filled with beauty and eudemon. He has simply come from military service and is on the brink of marrying the woman of his dreams, the gorgeous Eysan. His 2 best friends, Cengiz and Ali are like brothers to him, and he trusts them with all his heart. Everything seems excellent, as his whole life lies ahead of him. The drama starts once the police storms into Omer's chamber once he's still sleeping. He gets inactive for murder and theft at the casino the night before. Omer gets captive for the crime - his life is shattered, friends and groom-to-be disappears. Instead, one single question is preys on his mind for consequent 10 years: Why? it's obvious that Omer has been set up, however, might such a terrible crime really be planned by his 2 best friends and his groom-to-be Eysan? Omer gets eventually declared dead in jail, however, the death could be a hide for the revenge to return. when cosmetic surgery Omer returns as Ezel, with only 1 mission in life - to seek out a piece of evidence, and to require everything aloof from people who once destroyed his life. But first, he should kill the constant, uncorrectable, and endless love he still carries for the woman of his dreams, Eysan. One by one, the items fall in place in a} very thrilling story. Omer's 2 best friends Ali and Cengiz were convinced to rob the casino by the mafioso Serdar Tezcan, UN agency additionally happens to be Omer's girlfriend Eysan's father. Serdar created the entire set up. He required four individuals for a made theft. The first, Cengiz would be the mole who was operating within the casino and who would thus gain access. The second, Ali would be the remorseless killer who has no problem committing murder if required. The third, Eysan would be the virtuoso con-woman who would manipulate the characters. Finally, Omer would be damned for the theft by means of implanting false proof, and thus deceptive the police and inflicting them to stop all different investigations. Eysan would later testify in court so as to re-establish the proof and accusations, therefore cementing her betrayal. The set up worked with success and whereas all four got away with millions of dollars' value of cash, Omer visited jail the day when he planned to Eysan. In 2006, Omer, who had a full cosmetic surgery, and adjusted his name to Ezel Bayraktar ('eternity' in Turkish), returns to urge his revenge, unknown to his previous friends, Eysan and Cengiz (who are currently married with a son), and Ali (who is head of security at Cengiz's hotel) The once straightforward boy becomes a person exceptionally skilled at gambling, reading individuals, fighting, and has significantly high class in society. he is helped by his assistants Kamil and Sebnem, still as his jail mentor Ramiz Dayi. This drama was dubbed to Amharic by Kana TV and it's brought to you by MelaCinema. MelaCinema is the ultimate source of Kana TV Dramas, Ethiopian music, Amharic movies, and much more entertainment contents. Like our Facebook page to get a whole lot of engaging entertainment posts.

Kana Dramas Ezel
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